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The Assistant Director – Governance and Safeguarding monitors, reports on and promotes more effective, safeguarding processes and outcomes for children.  Anyone who has a concern about the safety or wellbeing of a child at one of our academy schools should contact the relevant headteacher or, if they are not available, ask to speak with one of its Designated Officers for Child Protection.

We know that the adults who care for children sometimes feel that academy school staff should have acted when they did not, or acted in a different way.  We encourage communication between home and academy school to resolve matters but, if necessary, there is a complaints procedure that can be used. It is available from the academy school office or website.  As required by Parliamentary regulations, this is an academy school-level procedure.

Employees based in our academy schools may have concerns.  If these relate to the safeguarding of a child, they should follow the academy school’s own procedure for reporting the matter.  If they are concerned that something is wrong about the organisation, they may use the whistle-blowing procedure; posters about this are displayed prominently in every academy school.  Employees who have concerns about their own working conditions may use the staff grievance procedure.