Local Children Receive Bear Yoyo Treats

Dolphin Class Teacher, Soo Bell, and her Key Stage 1 children at Tilney All saints Primary School, have been corresponding with the Yoyo Bear Company, whose purpose is to promote healthy eating in schools.

The youngsters, aged between 4 and 7, have talked about the importance of 5-a-day fruit and vegetables, and have found that natural sugars are better for them and their teeth.

They got in touch with Mr Bear and said how grrrrrreatful they would be to receive some food samples, which the company pledged to provide! A Nursery Toolkit was sent out along with some Bear Yoyos.

In return, Dolphin Class sent ‘thank you letters’ and had the following reply back from Head Bear, Red:

Grrreetings Mrs Bell and the little BEAR cubs in Dolphin class,

I hope this growl finds you well and managing to stay as warm as pawssible in this chilly weather :).

I just wanted to message and say a huge thank you for the unBEARlieveably lovely package of thank you cards I received from all the cubs in Dolphin class. It was so wonderful to receive an individual message from every single one of them and it caused quite a stir in the office, with all the other cubs oohing and ahhing over my shoulder as I opened the package :).

It was the absolute highlight of my week/year so far at BEAR – so pawlease do let all your little cubs know that I loved all their letters and drawings :). They are all BEARy welcome and I am so glad that you all loved all the yummy BEAR Yoyos!

Big BEAR hugs,