Children from the West Norfolk School of Anthony Curton Primary, Walpole St Peter, will soon be reading their stories whilst being ‘listened’ to by Bea, a Reading Dog. The idea came about during Mental Health Week, as is all part of helping the children who need emotional support.

On the back of meeting Bea for the first time, the whole school was set a homework task of finding out about animal care and nurturing of animals around the world. Children were allowed to bring in their pets to show and tell about how they are looked after and what they eat.

Over a three-week period, the school saw, dogs, rabbits, rats, a tortoise and even a pair of bearded dragons!  Mrs Ann Chase, Admin Officer, said, “It was wonderful meeting all the animals as they came in to school. My heart was stolen by Nala, an English Bull Terrier puppy, who I wanted to take home!”