Staff and children from the Partnership schools of Anthony Curton Primary, Walpole St Peter, and Tilney All Saints Primary, made their way to school in heavy snow, and it was all worth it when they were allowed to go outside and have a huge snowball fight! Children delighted in pelting their teachers and teaching assistants with huge snowballs, as they had abandoned the cosy staff room to go out and challenge the pupils to the fight, and although they took a few shots back, overall it was the children who came out as the winners!

Executive Head Teacher, Anne Senior, said, “So far both schools have managed to stay open in the bad weather and the staff and children have enjoyed every minute of playing in the snow! The weather forecast is uncertain for the rest of the week, but we will do our utmost to stay open. However, safety of our children and staff is at the heart of all that we do, and should we need to close, it really will be because we have no choice. Factors in this decision would be safety of driving conditions, pipes bursting or freezing affecting hygienic use of toilets and inability to heat school premises.”