Millie is a Super Star Fundraiser

Millie, a pupil at Tilney All Saints Primary School, has been raising money for the RSPCA.

5-year-old Dolphin Class student Millie, thought the best way to help was to ask for old towels from her local community, as they are always in need of these at her nearest centre, in Tilney All Saints.

Firstly, she enrolled the help of her mum, Maria, as she needed old towels collecting. Dedicated Maria even went round gathering them up on Christmas Eve!

As well as collecting towels, Millie also asked her community for money, and she has single-handedly managed to raise £155!

Class Teacher, Soo Bell said, “Millie has been collecting money from everyone. What a super star she is, and to have raised a staggering £155.00 on her own is just WOW!!”