Year 6 children at the Anthony Curton Primary School, Walpole St Peter have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates, and which sorts of animals have a backbone and which do not. The question of snakes arose and the best way to prove they do have a backbone, was for one of the pupils, Grace Height, to bring in her pet, Jasper, along with her father, Johnathan Height, who is an expert on the subject!

As well as the children, Jasper also met Head Teacher, Anne Senior, who came down to the classroom to have a look and ended up holding Jasper, who is a corn snake! Some of the children who were brave enough, also took turns to put him round their necks!

Mr Height explained to the children how to look after a snake and said that they live longer in captivity than in the wild. He left some sheets with information about reptiles for the children to look at.

Year 6 Teacher, Jeremy Wilkinson said, “We discovered that we are more like snakes than we think! There are some genetic links going back hundreds of millions of years about how human hair has evolved from reptile scales. The children were fascinated.”