Local Pupil Earns Blue Peter Badge

A Year 5 pupil from Tilney All Saints Primary School has recently been awarded a Blue Peter Badge, after she wrote a letter to the BBC programme, showing her understanding of, and concern for, the impact of deforestation.

Lily aged 10, has learnt about the terrible effect that deforestation continues to have all around the world, with problems caused by, among other things, agriculture, a rapidly growing population and greenhouse gas emissions.

Lily said, “It must be awful to live in an area affected by deforestation and we must all help to do our bit to save the Earth.”

Head Teacher, Anne Senior, said, “We are all very proud of Lily for showing her compassionate nature, and we should all be aware of the massive scale of deforestation that takes place and what we can do to help. Lily showed us her Green Blue Peter Badge, which she informed us was made from recycled plastic!”